We thank John Mage and Carol Skelskey at Monthly Review Press for suggesting the idea for this book and trusting us to write it, and the whole team at Monthly Review for their support and patience. Jane gives special thanks to her parents, Sam and Phyllis Guskin, for their encouragement, support and feedback, and to her husband, Esneider Arevalo, for his inspiration and understanding. We are grateful to Peter Staudenmaier for help with several research questions. Our sincere appreciation goes to all the people who took the time to review the manuscript and share their thoughts and suggestions: Amy Gottlieb (of the American Friends Service Committee), Amy Sugimori (of the National Employment Law Project, now at La Fuente, a Tri-State Worker & Community Fund), Carter Wilson, David B. Wilson, Aarti Shahani (of Families for Freedom), Ken Estey, Arnoldo García (of National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights), David Bacon, Mark Dow, Anthony Arnove, and Will Coley. While their feedback helped us shape the text, they are not to blame for any errors or shortcomings.