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New Edition Coming in May 2017!

What’s new in the second edition?

The second edition is more than a simple update of the 2007 version. Many illuminating articles, books, reports, and academic papers on the topic of immigration have appeared over the past ten years, and these have enabled us to expand and improve the content. We’ve also revised, edited, and reorganized the text in an effort to make it clearer; in doing this we’ve benefited greatly from our experience facilitating dialogues on immigration, and from suggestions, critiques, and other feedback from many people.

Several chapters—notably Chapter 3 (on refugees) and Chapter 11 (on detention and deportation)—have been substantially expanded and almost completely rewritten. Entirely new sections have been added to Chapter 2 (“Why are children coming here from Central America?”); Chapter 9 (about “Operation Streamline” and the post-2008 slowdown in unauthorized immigration); and Chapter 10 (about “Deferred Action”).

We have added brief introductions to the start of each chapter, summarizing the main points that follow. There is a greater emphasis on how the social construction of race has shaped immigration policy. The immigration law chronology that was left out of the first edition (but was posted on the website for the book) has been included here, and expanded.

The entire book is more rigorously researched and cited. Sources are provided for virtually every piece of information in the book. There are more than twice as many endnotes in this edition as there were in the original book, and a number of the endnotes include additional details or data as well as sources.

You can pre-order here, or else from your favorite bookseller.

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